What’s the story?

Stories are a powerful form of communication. The popularity of novels and movies testify to their ability to communicate ideas and information in ways that move us emotionally.

Much of the Bible was written in story or narrative form, recording the history of God’s dealings with mankind and in particular with the nation of Israel. As we read these historical narratives, we discover much about God’s nature and character. God is both the main character of the story and the author of the story. And like any good story, it involves both crisis and resolution. Someone has said that the story of the Bible can be told in three words: Generation (God’s good creation); degeneration (how sinned messed it all up); and regeneration (God’s plan to fix the mess we made). And the Bible tells us that we can be regenerated (or born again) through faith in the Lord Jesus. And one day, the whole creation will be regenerated and made even better than the original Creation.

God wants to be part of your story. Sadly, many have turned their backs on God, but we want to invite you to come and consider “His story” once more with fresh ears.

Is there anybody there?